In the Beginning

Oh hey there. Welcome to the 534847th blog I’ve started in my life. I was reading someone else’s blog post today and thought, ‘this is so boring,’ followed immediately by ‘hey, I should start a new blog’ followed by ‘that is an awful idea.’

And yet, here we are. To be completely honest, I consider myself a fairly boring person, but I also know that’s not (entirely) true. Some of my earlier blogs were not the absolute worst. Others can only be described as terrible. And, in recent years, I’ve scrapped most of the recreational online presence of mine that escaped forever engraving in The Google.

That said, I think it’s time. My hope is that this blog (the word alone makes me shudder with revulsion) becomes a record more of thoughts than of emotion, and there is nothing so revealing as to compromise any positive aspects of my life or relationships.

Who has access to this? More than a handful, but less than a truckload of people who have been friends for various lengths of time, located in various timezones. More often far than near, but that’s a story for another day…

Header photo: February 2014, Kalidalur, Iceland.

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