Today I spent a hard-earned $96 to have a blog without a bunch of shitty advertising everywhere. I can only hope the cost will encourage me to obtain at least an equivalent dollar amount worth of satisfaction from this “project”.

So, I guess we’ll see what happens. I’ve had a number of blogs in my 34 years, and all have thankfully been dispersed to web particles.

While I’m agonizing over what I could possibly write that is of any utility at all, here is a link to Arcturus’ epic avant garde black metal masterpieceLa Masquerade Infernale, which contains the track this blog is named for.

For the purposes of this blog, and because many of my comrades in arms do not listen to metal, some easy listening below, to entertain you for 08:55 of the to be determined period of time it will take for me to actually write something meaningful here. There will definitely be more music to come. There will likely also be abridged e-mails written to friends and family, as I think those exchanges are some of the most telling, philosophically, historically and emotionally, and thus worth archiving and occasionally sharing.